A-Board / Sidewalk Signs

A-Board / Sidewalk Signs

A-Board / Sidewalk Signs

The A-board is one of the most traditional forms of sign advertising. You may also know it as the Sandwich Board or A-frame. It is one of the most cost effective ways of attracting new business. A-boards come in a wide variety of frames and sizes, all with their own unique ability to bring in new customers and increase your business.

These signs give you the opportunity to place a sign where one can’t be installed. Perfect for special events/offers, announcements, or directional pieces. Have multiple signs or seasonal advertisements? These A-boards offer up a quick slide in-and-out approach that allows for a quick change. If you live in a graffiti-prone area, we have you covered with anti-graffiti lamination and other specialty laminations.

Signicade Deluxe

The Signicade Deluxe is our best seller in that it provides the best bang for your buck! This A-frame offers an easy interchange sign system allowing you to swap graphics out with ease. The large surface area provides maximum graphic exposure. “Stay tabs” are built into the frame to hold the sign in place, eliminating the need for Velcro or screws. Hinges at the top lock in place to prevent over-extended sign faces. This frame also comes with tabs on each leg to fill with sand to weigh the frame down in windy areas. Two frame color options are available (black or white).

Quik Sign

Looking for a lightweight A-frame you can pick-up and place quickly on the sidewalk? With the smaller size frame and a molded-in handle for quick pick up and placement, the Quik Sign would be a great fit. This size is appropriate if you are looking for an advertisement that is not overbearing but is still noticeable to the customer. This also comes with the patented Quick-Change™ sign system, giving you the option to switch signs out effortlessly.

Simpo Sign

This A-frame will help display your custom signage to your customers walking or driving by, at a convenient size. During windy seasons, the Simpo Sign can be filled with sand to weight it down. Another feature is the sign rider on top of the frame. This allows you to place another smaller sign on top, perhaps for directional or seasonal use. The Simpo Sign is also designed to be user-friendly with the patented Quick-Change™ sign system that allows you to swap signs in less than a minute.

Wind Sign II

If you live in a windy area, the Wind Sign II is made to withstand winds up to 60 mph. The spring base-board gives the sign some give when the wind is blowing at excessive rates. This base also allows you to fill it with sand to keep it anchored down in the wind storm. Another great feature of this base is the set of wheels, allowing you to move the sign with minimal effort.

The Wind Sign II, along with any of the other A-boards, can be made into a message board with interchangeable letters to make new messages at your convenience, or made into a whiteboard for changing messages daily or weekly.

Wood A-Board

The wood a-board offers up a classic & professional look that really grabs the eye of the customer. This A-board can be flipped around and used on the back side allowing up to four images per sign. With a heavy-duty feel, this sign is weighted so you don’t need to add sand or any other weight to keep it from blowing over in the wind. This A-board also comes with a handy strap for easy lifting and moving.


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