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A Sign of Change

In our ever evolving world it seems that we have the constant task to keep current. Everywhere you look new technology is struggling to take over the old “tried and true”. Some are fads, like jean shorts on men, while others are here to stay, like bottled water. And because of our changing world, we at Special-T needed to change our website.

What was wrong with the old specialt.com you ask? When we built it, nothing. But today, there were not enough moving parts and responsive interactions with the user. So we went to work on a new site that would have these things. We also got a lot of advice on how to build a good web site… like, “keep your visitor on the page but don’t make it a time suck!” or “load it up with a bunch of content but don’t clutter the site!”

This got me thinking that balancing a web site is a lot like what we do when designing a vehicle wrap – make it grab your attention, but not be too flamboyant. At the same time, we needed to have enough information to inform the customer but not too much to confuse them. We’ve all seen that van driving down the road with a wrap packed with so much information and graphic components that by the time it’s gone by, you still have no idea which company it was advertising or what product they were trying to sell.

We worked hard on our site to give the user lots of buttons to push and pages to swipe. We tested the links and adjusted the spacing. We hope you enjoy our site and find it to be useful and informative. Please reach out to us anytime for a quote, we look forward to working with you!