Building Signs & Dimensional Letters

Building Signs & Dimensional Letters

Building Signs & Dimensional Letters

Building Signs or Storefront Branding are good tools to make your customers’ first impression great. A proper sign strategy is the key to making a great first impression. The strategy consists of a coordinated approach to building signs, window signs to shape your overall look, and directory signs to help direct your customer.

Dimensional signs help give off a powerful impression to the customer.  Thanks to today’s technology routing out custom designs is easier than ever.  These signs and letters come in a variety of different materials from solid aluminum to cost effective plastics.  All of them have their advantages for each circumstance, so let one of our sales staff help you to choose what works best for your business.

Post & Panel signs

Whether you need to get your business name out there, inform of a new product or direct traffic, post and panel signs are an excellent way to reach out to your customer.  These signs have a wide variety of styles, from the parking signs you see around town to large “For lease” signs mounted on wood pillars.  Depending on whether your sign is temporary or long term use, there are different looks and materials to choose from.

Post and Panel signs

Panel to Building signage

Panel to building signage is perfect way to let your customer know where your business front location is.  Custom sizes and shapes are available to fit in any available space your storefront has.

Windsor Plywood panel to building sign

Sandblasted signs

Sandblasted signs give a rich, artistic, permanent look to go along with many location sites.  When choosing a material for your sandblasted sign there are two options, Redwood or high density urethane (HDU).   HDU is waterproof, will not rot, warp, or crack, it is unaffected by insects and birds, and is specifically designed to hold up to the elements. Best of all it is 100% renewable, and friendly to the environment.

For redwood signs the process begins with a solid piece of wood.  The surface is blasted away to create a 3-dimensional or carved look. The background becomes recessed after blasting, leaving text, logos, and borders raised and projected.  Sandblasted signs will give you the unique dimensional look that other companies won’t have!

Chuckanut Crest sandblasted sign

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional lettering is stepping up the sign game and making a powerful impression.  All of our dimensional lettering and graphic options can be custom-made to match your brand, from logo to shape to color. We offer an ample selection of materials from cost effective foam lettering to thick aluminum lettering.  Whether it’s indoor or outdoor we have the right lettering for your project. Check out the Gemini site for more options or come by and talk with one of our sales representative.

Morse Square dimensional lettering

CNC Shaped Signs

Striving to come up with that one of a kind look?  Then CNC shaped signs is for you!  With unique and challenging cuts, your sign can really grab the eye of the consumer.  Special-T can cut into any material including aluminum.  Come by and see what the endless options of CNC shaped signs can do for your business.

Pacific Rim CNC custom shaped sign


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