Health & Safety Signage

Health & Safety Signage

Health & Safety Signs


To encourage and educate your employees and customers to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, we recommend adding a static cling to your front door or window. With any purchase or upon request, we’ll give you a small, informative static cling decal that will stick to any window and is easy to remove. It’s important that we remind people everyday to wash their hands, cover their coughs, and practice good hygiene habits.

Static Cling on front door


Banners are your perfect solution for letting your customers know about your operating status. We can provide banners of any size and any design. Or you can choose from one of our templates for a reduced cost. The best part? Reuse them again and again! We can patch any part of the banner with vinyl to update your information depending on need!

Corona Virus banners

Lightweight short term use signs

Our corrugated plastic signs (or colloquially known as yard signs) are inexpensive and great for short term use indoors or out. They can used with H-stakes for in-the-ground, grommets for hanging, and double-sided tape for sticking to most surfaces. Use one of our pre-designed templates, design your own, or have our design staff create a custom sign perfectly suited for your needs.

Stop the Spread of Corona-yard sign


An a-board sign can come in handy at any time. With replaceable inserts, they can be re-used over many years for different purposes and events. When it comes to signs – these are going to be some of the best bang-for-your-buck purchases you can make!

Quik Sign-Stop the Spread of Corona Virus


Decals can be made just about any size and shape, and for just about any purpose. They’ll stick to products, walls, cars, refrigerators, and more without any issue. We have pre-made stickers for purchase, pre-designed templates for you to add your logo to, or we can create a design from scratch.

Stop the Spread of Corona-decals