Safety & Compliance Signs

Safety & Compliance Signs


Safety & Compliance Signs


Traffic Signs & Regulatory Signs

Special-T can help you work with the Department of Transportation (DOT) on safety and street signs around the city.  We have DOT grade aluminum and reflective vinyls that comply with their standards for freeway and city street signage.  Safety signs are important for they inform people of extra caution areas such as cross walks and construction areas.  Special-T is also compliant with the ADA regulations.

Bike Station signage

Safety Labels

Machines with high hazardous areas often require safety notices for employees and what better way to do that than with customized safety decals.  Special-T can make a custom safety decal of any size, shape or color, or we can duplicate one that is currently on the machine to keep it authentic.

SSC Spill Kit Safety decals

Hardhat Decals

Looking to make that dull hard hat come to life?  Put your own custom logo on there and let people know who your employees are.  This is a great way to brand yourself on job sites when customers are walking or even driving by.  Special-T is capable of putting job titles or any additional information on them as well to help out of town employees who may not know who is who.

Clarus Hard Hat decals