Trade Show & Event Signage

Trade Show & Event Signage

Trade Show & Event Signage

Trade shows are incredible opportunities to represent your company and convey the image you want. Make an impressive presentation to new and potential customers with our trade show displays. We offer a wide range of options from pop up displays to banners that hang from the ceiling. Grabbing the customer’s attention and keeping it is key to drawing them to your product. Remember, trade show visitors typically only view a booth for a few seconds then walk by. If they walk into the booth, it’s usually for less than a minute – but we have ways to capture their attention and keep them in there longer. Call and let us help you put together a trade show display that will get the attention you are looking for.

Pop Up Displays

If you want to create an extra impact that is quick and easy, pop up displays come with everything you need for the trade show at a fraction of the cost of other booths. They come with large graphics, lighting, a podium, and a convenient carrying case. For full product details, see this Exhibit Book or the Exhibitors’ Handbook.

Casita Tents & Canopies

Casita canopies serve as an excellent way to provide shade for outdoor events. The graphic is printed on special water-resistant material. Finished prints appear shiny and vivid and have added protection against natural elements. These tents come with additional options, like five different heights, and side and back wall graphics. Another attractive feature is the easy setup; in a matter of minutes you have a completely installed full-size tent. To see all the different options check out the Exhibit Book or the Exhibitors Handbook.

Table Throws

Table throws are a great addition to your booth and fit six or eight foot tables. You have the option of three-sided or four-sided throws, and custom graphics can be added to any side with custom printing or stock screen-printed colors. These are a great way to make a boring folding table come to life! To see other options see the Exhibit Book or the Exhibitor Handbook.


To create the counter, just open the box and put on the accompanying wooden top. The counter provides a large surface for people to gather around at your event. Inside, there are detachable shelves to hold your brochures, demo products, drinks, etc. The box comes with wheels, making it easy to move around. Another added bonus is that the front acts as a sign display. View the Expand Media web site for more details.