Vehicle & Boat Graphics

Vehicle & Boat Graphics

Vehicle & Boat Graphics


Custom Cut & Printed Shaped Vinyl Graphics

Custom shaped graphics take your vehicle to a whole new level!  Customize your own graphic design and make it one of a kind.  Our high performance vinyls hold up to the elements and keep a crisp image for years.  What really makes our vinyl great to work with is the easy removal process.  This does not damage your vehicles original paint and can be taken off relatively easy.

Dawson RTA

(Above is a cut vinyl graphic)

Jeep with custom Hawaiian graphics

(Above is a printed custom cut decal)

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are the best way to spend your dollar and get the most advertising.  You can’t be missed, and every time you’re driving the vehicle around it’s advertising your business.  Essentially you are a driving billboard that can completely change the look of your vehicle for the better.  The wrap often pays for itself within a year and will usually last six to seven years!  Options for perforated vinyl are available allowing legal viewing access out the windows.

Action Pages wrap

Paint Wraps / Color Change

The most inexpensive way to change the color of your vehicle is a paint wrap.  With multiple options in color you are bound to find the right fit for your car.  Custom colors such as chrome and matte metallic are also available.  Our vinyls are high performance, made to last in the elements that a vehicle goes through, and they won’t ruin the original body paint if you decide to remove them later.  Stop by our storefront to see the different colors and what they might look like on your vehicle!

Franks truck color wrap-Fellers

Fine Lines & Pinstriping

Every car needs a little TLC, so why not put a clean looking pin stripe along the side and add some elegance.  It’s a subtle feature that goes along way.  Our experienced installers can easily add a single or double line stripe in various colors and thicknesses.  Taking it one step further might mean adding in a filigree design that really wows people when you drive by.

Exxel striping

Rally Stripes

Rally stripes give your car that aggressive fast car feel for a fraction of the cost of painted stripes, and you still get years of use with our high performance vinyls.  We can do custom rally stripes for your classic muscle car, high speed European car or anything in between. Special-T is an authorized dealer of Universal Products and Sharpline Products.  For pre-made striping and graphics for specific vehicles, check out and for catalogs.

BMW rally stripes

Boat Names, Hailing Ports & Registration Numbers

A boat without a name is just another boat, but if you add a name, you’ve got a boat with character.  Special-T customizes boat names for your vessel along with hailing ports and registration numbers.   Our vinyls are made to withstand the elements of fresh water and salt water.  With specialty 22K gold vinyls to choose from and custom designed boat names, your boat is bound to become unique!

Sovereign boat name and hailing port


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