Vehicle Wraps – Color Change

Vehicle Wraps – Color Change
Why Special-T Wraps for Color Change?

While color change wraps are somewhat new to the industry, we are not.  Our doors opened in 1979 when we started pin striping cars and grinding white wall stripes on tires.  Really it was a thing back then!  Our heart and soul has always been into restyling cars, trucks, boats and toys of any size and shapes.  We here at special-T are very excited with the growing and changing technology that is the color change wrap industry.  Also know as paint wraps and skins.  You may also have heard tag lines like "paint is dead" and "go chrome or go home".  Yep all part of the color change culture.  

So why invest in a color change wrap?  Besides is being cool, and lets face it why else do we do things like this?  It's a money saver!  When was the last time you priced out having a car painted?  It's not cheap and you will be without your ride for several days.  Also paint is limited in what you can do.  When was the last time you saw blue crocodile skin paint?  How about black crushed velvet paint?  We've got 'em.  That's right, our friends over at 3m, Avery Dennison, Hexis to name a few leading wrap vinyl manufactures, are introducing new colors and textures all the time.  With those guys competing to get the "next big color" out, we all win with options for days.  By the way 3M's Satin Key West vinyl is a close match to Tiffany Blue and is showing up everywhere.  Girls like the blue wrapping, just saying!

Your not one dimensional so neither does your color change wrap have to be.  Add together multiple colors to create you own look.  Mix gloss with matte to create subtle details.  Slap on a set of rally stripes with a colored collector stripe. Your imagination is our playground so bring on your ideas.

Budget?  We all have them.  Some bigger than others.  Not a problem.  Unlike paint it doesn't all have to be done at once.  Pricing is by the square foot, along with difficulty to install.  It may not be in the budget to wrap the whole thing now.  Do what you can afford now and come back for the rest later.  We'll be here!

"You guys at Special-T did such a great job on my Mini Cooper I had to bring in my new Porsche  911.  You see I had to trade in my Ferrari because it didn't have a CD player." - Wally Wright age 83

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What Can we Wrap?

There are limits but not many.  Most commonly thought of as just a medium for cars and trucks Color Change wraps are showing up on almost everything.  A couple things to consider when considering a wrap.  The vinyl if very thin.  This is because we have to stretch, bend and press it into submission.  Because the vinyl is thin, imperfections in a surface will show as lumps and bumps in the finished product.  If smooth is what you are after be sure to do any finish bodywork ahead of time.  Silver lining to thin vinyl is a process we call embossing.  This is where we install some text or a cut vinyl graphic to the surface first and then wrap over top.  The result is a raised design in the body of your wrap.  Cool!  The other thing to consider is the surface itself.  Some surfaces are just not going to take vinyl no matter how much heat you throw at it.  A common surface might be the bumpy texture of a plastic cooler.  This surface if referred to as low energy and most vinyls don't like it.  That said there are options for these surfaces.  Aggressive adhesive backed vinyl can be used to overcome the lack of adhesion. The other options is to upgrade to a Yeti or Rtic cooler.  Nice smooth surface and you'll thank me after the first summer of cold beverages.

As mentioned above, wraps are everywhere.  Here's a few off the top of my head and yes we've wrapped most of these.  Cars, truck and boats.  Start with the easy ones first.  Airplanes, Aluminum and fabric (what's up tail-draggers).  coolers, mini and full size refrigerators, tumblers, coffee mugs,  microwaves, clocks, desks, doors, cabinets, caskets, walking canes.  We wrap floors and walls, big part of what we do.  laptop overs, gaming systems, cell phone, smart phone, not the same thing!  Did I say boats?  Lots of boats!  dirt bikes, motor bikes, rails, side by sides, quads, three wheeler if you still have one (what's up 80's).  Jet skis, okay still technically a boat.  Beer pong tables, corn hole boards,  Plinko, yep we did one.  Lawn furniture, lawn gnomes, fence panels.  Forklifts, scissor lifts, lifts (English for elevator).  Well you get the point.