Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

"Special-T Has made every effort to grow with the technology of vehicle wraps. We invest in the latest software, hardware, materials and training. Always learning, always growing!" - Dave Donnelly

Commercial Fleet Vehicles • Boats • Buses • Airplanes
Color Change Wraps
Personal Vehicles • Boats • Jet Skis • Airplanes
What is a Wrap and Why Use one

Vehicle wraps can be divided into two major groups.  Commercial wraps and Color change wraps. 

The first commercial advertisement vehicle wrap is thought to have been created for Pepsi Co in 1993, which used vinyl to wrap a bus promoting its Crystal Pepsi product.  It wasn’t long before bus wrap advertising was everywhere and the new form of vehicle graphics trickled down to smaller businesses and consumers.  Today small business finds a higher return on investment on commercial vehicle wraps than they do on Yellow page advertising.

Color change refers to adding factory wrap vinyl over the original paint, fiberglass or glass surfaces.  The amount of coverage depends on the customers personal taste and budget.  Color change can be as little as adding racing stripes to your car or as large as changing the color of your yacht.  choose from vinyls that include gloss, matte, chrome, carbon fiber and textures like crushed velvet to crocodile skin.  With new colors and textures being introduced all the time, the options are endless to the consumer.  Color change wraps are not intended to advertise, however in conjunction with printed vinyl or cut vinyl text they demand the viewers attention.

Special-T has been in business since 1979.  We are proud to have been wrapping cars, truck, boats and airplanes for many years now.  We look forward to working with you.

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